Commercial Roof Cleaning

Commercial Roof Cleaning Services

Not all roofs are the same. Cleaning the roof of your business can be very different from cleaning the roof on your home. Both can boost your curb appeal, and extend the life of your roof. However, while the typical roof cleaning project on your home will involve special cleaning agents and low pressured water jets, many business roofs are made with materials more durable than shingles, and can be pressure washed with either a wand or, if it has large flat areas, a surface cleaner. Whatever the case may be, Central Coast ProWash has the tools and training necessary to complete your commercial roof cleaning project safely and effectively. Our technicians will be mindful of vents, air conditioners, or other things on your roof, ensuring that water does not get into them during the roof washing process.

Ensuring your roof drains water properly is essential to extending the life of the roof. If you think that parts of your roof are retaining moisture because of debris, now is the perfect time for a roof cleaning. If your roof has low points that seem to collect water, these areas can become infested with microorganisms that spread and retain more moisture, causing a vicious cycle every time it rains. Central Coast ProWash can help clear out these areas.

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